Granville on the Water is located on the Trout River, in the New London Bay water system – truly a beautiful area of PEI. This location is ideally located to any person who enjoys eating, and may play a few rounds of Golf. There is no better location than Cavendish – Stanley Bridge, North Granville – to be close to...Read More
Mapping of the first three phases are shown. Click images to link to large format PDF files with dimensions and details. Phase A – GOTW Click images to link to Large Format PDF of Phases in GOTW. Close Opened Window to return. Phase A – GOTW : Approx. 2005 : Lots A01 – A20 Phase B – GOTW   Phase...Read More
Owners in Granville on the Water are blessed with large lots that are a minimum 1 acre in size. (a couple are just shy of an acre … others are up to 3.2 acres !) . For reference, here are street frontages ( feet ) and the Lot Sizes ( acres ). See site plans with Phases A & B...Read More
GOTW has registered covenants with Rules and Regulations that contribute to the quality of the neighbourhood and the complementary high standards of construction in the development. The Rules & Regulations are found in the PDF GranvilleCovenants-2021-withForm.pdf that can be downloaded if you click on that link. The origins of the Covenants are from a document registered against the lands and...Read More
Greetings … and welcome to the site. First revision to the www site February 2019 … Complete site UPDATE – January 2022 … Comments always welcome … see the contact page ! Cheers, Steve DimondRead More