• Stephen Dimond

    Stephen Dimond


    My name is Steve Dimond and I would like to personally introduce myself. My extended family first arrived on the island in 1775. My Mother was born around the corner in New London – on Graham’s Road. Dad was an RCAF pilot and our travels took us all across Canada – we traveled to the island almost every year to visit family and enjoy the beaches, food, and this special place. I was involved in construction and road-building across Canada for many years, as a Professional Engineer, and my personal residency on PEI didn’t begin until 2012. The remaining Granville on the Water lands were acquired in 2016, long after the project was started in the early 2000s. The site was initially approved for 90 homesites in those early days – phases 1 and 2 (40 homesites) were developed prior to 2010.

A 3rd phase has been reworked after initially being approved and partially built years prior. The layout was less than ideal to take advantage of amazing panoramic views, the common and green space lands were not optimized for community use, and the road to the lower area was rather steep. As a result, the road down was rerouted, the common lands were redesigned for greater utility and better community use, and lot orientations were altered to appreciate the fabulous views from the lands.

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