Finding Your Way : GOTW Phase Maps & Dimensions

Mapping of the first three phases are shown. Click images to link to large format PDF files with dimensions and details.

Phase A – GOTW

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GOTW PhaseI Plan - Click for lage format PDF in New Window.  Close WIndow to return.
Phase A – GOTW : Approx. 2005 : Lots A01 – A20

Phase B – GOTW

GOTW Phase II Plan

Phase C – GOTW

GOTW Phase III Plan

Protective Covenants for Homeowners

GOTW has registered covenants that contribute to the quality of the neighbourhood and the complementary high standards of construction in the development. These are found in the PDF GranvilleCovenants-2019-WithFORM.pdf that can be downloaded if you click on that link.Granville on the Water

The Covenants are copied below for convenience …

Protective Covenants (Rules & Regulations)
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