Costs for Water, Sewer, Property Taxes – A PEI Comparison

For real estate cost references with other areas of the Province of Prince Edward Island, it is helpful to know what home owners pay for water and sewerservices and for annual property taxes. Water supply in Granville on the Water is from a collectively owned system through the Granville on the Water Homeowners Association. Sewer is handled individually on each lot through each owners private septic disposal field, installed with the home build. The roads in GOTW are privately owned by the Homeowners Association so snow removal costs depend on the snowfall in any particular winter.

Province of PEI Property Taxes : For all homes
$1.50 per each $100 taxable value assessment, less : a provincial tax credit of
$0.50 per $100 for residents for a net of $1.00 per $100 assessed value.
Add a municipal fee where appropriate – see below.
Link to Municipal Tax Rates around PEI
Garbage Collection – $205.00 annually per household
Snow removal included in taxes on public roadways.

Granville on the Water 2018/2019 : Link to IRAC Info & Comparable Properties
Property Taxes – $ 0 per $100 of assessed value
Water – $360 /year water (homes) $180 /year water (lots)
Sewer – $0/ year – Onsite
Snow Removal : $400/winter homes (depends on snow load – on Private Roads)

Summerside 2018/2019 : Link to Municipal Page
Property Taxes – $ 0.74 per $100 of assessed value
Water & Sewer – $18.78 /year water and $42.40/ year sewer

Charlottetown 2018 : Link to Municipal Page
Property Taxes – $ 0.67 per $100 of assessed value
Water – $0.264/1000 Litres water + demand
Sewer – $0.580/1000 Litres water + demand
As an Example: One particular Home with 4 residents in 2018 : $577.39/yr w+s
NOTE : a 25% increase is slated for 2019+ for the average household

Stratford 2018 : Link to Municipal Page
Property Taxes – $0.44 per $100 of assessed value
Water & Sewer – $289/year water and $380/ year sewer

Cornwall 2018 : Link to Municipal Page
Property Taxes – $0.46 per $100 of assessed value
Water – $282/year water minimum @ $0.79/1000 litres
Sewer – $266/year
Vacant lots – $86.80 per year water & sewer.

Protective Covenants for Homeowners

GOTW has registered covenants with Rules and Regulations that contribute to the quality of the neighbourhood and the complementary high standards of construction in the development. The Rules & Regulations are found in the PDF GranvilleCovenants-2021-withForm.pdf that can be downloaded if you click on that link.

The origins of the Covenants are from a document registered against the lands and applicable to all owners.  The original document contained the first Schedule ‘B’ – Protective Covenants (Rules and Regulations) (2005).   Schedule ‘B’ was modified in 2006, 2019 and again in 2021.   A transcribed copy of the registered document is found at : GOTW-DeclarationOfCovenants&Restrictions-COPY

Granville on the Water


The Covenants (Rules and Regulations) are copied below for convenience …

Protective Covenants (Rules & Regulations)
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