Finding Your Way : GOTW Lot Dimensions

Owners in Granville on the Water are blessed with large lots that are a minimum 1 acre in size. (a couple are just shy of an acre … others are up to 3.2 acres !) . For reference, here are street frontages ( feet ) and the Lot Sizes ( acres ).

To the right is a Plan with Phase A, B, C … click for larger image in New Window – Close window to return.

Granville on the Water Lots (sold)

Dimensions on the Lots that have been sold in GOTW in Phases A and B and part C.

A 0198477396.31.03
A 021001767105.01.27
A 03991950107.21.59
A 04932848232.91.26
A 05937409212.01.04
A 06945733166.71.79
A 071067982134.51.25
A 08100120583.50.95
A 09100121358.31.24
A 10100387050.31.43
A 1199164650.31.99
A 1294571750.61.67
A 13932558188.41.56
A 14927475181.41.75
A 15932830202.61.93
A 16937870213.11.95
A 17934695169.01.90
A 1894714507.91.16
A 191103456614.71.11
A 201001221324.21.44
B 011000827192.01.78
B 021000686192.01.63
B 031011535192.71.79
B 041076447193.01.86
B 051067982191.21.94
B 061095462195.72.03
B 071097583222.02.44
B 08998849198.42.75
B 091099555288.03.24
B 101091271211.31.44
B 1194714171.91.12
B 121006576228.81.13
B 131103977236.71.13
B 14998757242.91.13
B 151016047182.71.13
B 161018704176.70.97
B 171018712204.51.16
B 181018720196.61.30
B 199471497.11.36
B 209471488.21.27
C 011019314271.31.85
C 031091263562.81.26
C 061065457234.11.28
C 08209.31.37
Without 9471461.39

Protective Covenants for Homeowners

GOTW has registered covenants with Rules and Regulations that contribute to the quality of the neighbourhood and the complementary high standards of construction in the development. The Rules & Regulations are found in the PDF GranvilleCovenants-2021-withForm.pdf that can be downloaded if you click on that link.

The origins of the Covenants are from a document registered against the lands and applicable to all owners.  The original document contained the first Schedule ‘B’ – Protective Covenants (Rules and Regulations) (2005).   Schedule ‘B’ was modified in 2006, 2019 and again in 2021.   A transcribed copy of the registered document is found at : GOTW-DeclarationOfCovenants&Restrictions-COPY

Granville on the Water


The Covenants (Rules and Regulations) are copied below for convenience …

Protective Covenants (Rules & Regulations)
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